Frankie Galasso is a nationally recognized sports cartoonist. In 1987, he made his start with the Evening Times of Pawtucket, RI. His work later found it’s way onto the Editorial pages of The Providence Journal. His editorial and sports cartoons have been picked up by more than 36 self syndicated and free-lance newspapers.

In 1999, Frankie became the regularly featured sports cartoonist for the Providence Journal. He created his first lithograph “Memories of McCoy” for the Pawtucket Red Sox. Frankie was commissioned by the 1999 Calder Cup Champion Providence Bruins. He was the first to ever capture the History of The Rhode Island Reds Hockey Team, a non-funded venture of his own. The success of the lithograph resulted in the birth of what is today – The Rhode Island Reds Heritage Society, 600 members strong.

In 2000, he was picked by the New York Post Sportsweek to be their exclusive sports cartoonist. He has gone on to win more than 10 New England Press Awards in various categories. He has become one of the youngest inductees selected into his hometown of Cranston, RI “ Hall of Fame” for his preservation of sports cartooning, editorial achievements and his charitable works in the community. He has been frequently asked to be a guest on local sports and political talk radio and his cartoons are featured on local NBC channel 10 “First and Ten ” during the NFL season.

In 2006, Frankie, a musical composer as well, composed and recorded the hit song ‘Come to Papi’ with his band FIVE22 for David Ortiz. The song was used on David Ortiz Night at Fenway Park and has become an internet fan page standard for many Sox fans around the world. In 2007, he made ‘Top 25” for President of Red Sox Nation for his contributions to the Sox fan base in both his music and artwork.

Frankie supports local charities, donating his time and works whenever possible. Some of these charities include Curt Schilling’s Pitch for ALS Foundation, The Boston Liver Foundation, The Jimmy Fund, The Day Kimble Children’s Hospital of Ct., The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Created Wily Mo Pena’s logo for his MOPEACE Foundation. Frankie lives a quiet life in his hometown of Cranston, RI.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him recently and here are some excerpts of that conversation.

Frankie, thanks for meeting with me. Tell me in your words how you describe yourself.

“I’m a cartoonist. Simple right? I’m one of a few remaining sports cartoonists and illustrators from the heyday of newspapers. Newspapers used to be where people got their news, first and foremost. So, the cartoonist played an important role in telling a story and delivering the news in a creative way. Our job was to get the reader’s attention, to make them laugh, and to get them interested to read further.”

You have done cartoon artwork of celebrities, sports figures, lighthouses, landscapes. What is the process like? Take me through your thoughts on drawing an image.

“Well, it’s a lot like you are doing now. You’ve done some research on me and it shows. Now, when I draw an image, I do my research. Yes, I’m inspired by good, professional work. But I research the image. Online, in person, I go meet with a celebrity if I can, I go to a lighthouse. I look at old photos, new photos, I even take photos of the image myself. I get to know the image, if that sounds right, so well that I feel confident drawing it to the best of my ability.”

In terms of artists, how would you characterize your work? Who in the art world do you closely resemble?

“Well, I did an interview with the YES network some years back and they had sports journalists speaking about the role of cartoons in delivering the news. Legends such as Al Hirschfeld and Bill Gallo. I see myself as a journalist of course because of my many, many years in that field. But if I had to name artists I feel that resemble my style and artwork, I would say Walt Disney and Norman Rockwell – two heroes of mine and giants in the field of Americana and creating interesting characters.”

The I.C.E. Agency is proud to be working with Frankie Galasso and helping to promote his special talent and artwork. Stay tuned for a brand new website featuring Frankie’s 30 years of cartoon images, lithographs, and other merchandise. If you would like to learn more about Frankie Galasso and his artwork, email the I.C.E. Agency at