Whiteboard Videos – The Creative Marketing Solution for the Modern World

A whiteboard video is a creative marketing solution. It is used to explain a product, introduce a new policy at work, or simply market a brand or individual. A whiteboard video involves time lapse or stop motion effects that coincide with text to create a very eye-catching video. In the video, images are drawn in or strategically placed in real time to really grab the attention of the viewer. Essentially, a whiteboard video is like a short film that tells you a story – frame by frame – through creative writing, content specific cartoon images, you can even have music playing during your video to enhance the viewer’s senses even further.

Whiteboard videos first came into the national spotlight in Janurary, 2007. UPS, United Parcel Services, created and aired a series of whiteboard videos in a national campaign. The videos were a huge hit for UPS and these ads ran for several years. In 2010, a non-profit group in England took to YouTube to show off their whiteboard video skills. This group, the Royal Society of Arts, gained the Number 1 status for non-profit companies on YouTube in 2011, with over 46 million views of their work.

Today, whiteboard videos can be used for education purposes as well as business and professional services. It is a highly effective way of grabbing the attention of your viewer. Video marketing is now the preferred method of advertising and promotion in the modern era of the world wide web. Visual stimulation through video marketing has been proven to get a potential client interested far more than simply just text. If you or your business are looking for a fun, creative, and highly effective way to market your business, talent, or brand, have a marketing professional create a whiteboard video.

At the I.C.E. Agency, we employ a staff that is well versed in making effective whiteboard videos. We have a team of creative writers who can help deliver your important message. Our video editors have the experience and knowledge of the software to create a quality whiteboard video. Our image and music library is extensive, so you can be assured no matter what business or profession you are in, we have the images and sound to exceed your needs. For a free consultation on creating a whiteboard video, contact the I.C.E. Agency at theiceagents@gmail.com or visit our website for samples of our work at www.theiceagents.com.


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