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ebay is an online selling and buying community. Yes, I said community. It is a safe place to buy and sell items such as electronics, housewares, even cars. ebay is available for use for both personal and business. It is one of the most successful online marketplaces we have on the internet.

ebay is a fantastic resource for both selling items and buying items. First, selling your items on ebay is done on one of two listing formats – fixed price or auction. If you set up a personal account on ebay, chances are you will put your items on an auction type listing format. Choose a starting bid, write a description of your item, take a few photos showing the item, and you are on your way. If you set up a business account on ebay, you can list your items on either an auction style or fixed price listing. The fixed price listing allows you to set a price, even take offers from buyers. In addition, if you set up a business account, you can even set up an online storefront showing all of your items. This is an excellent alternative to the traditional brick and mortar retail store, with far less overhead.

Second, buying on ebay is a shopper’s dream come true. You can search on ebay for a specific item. You can search for a specific item in a specific price range. You can search for a specific item in a specific price range in your area of the country. Each item has a description, typically one to several photos, you can even take a look at the seller’s performance ratings prior to purchase. And, when you do purchase, ebay has a ton of buyer protection policies to make sure you are getting what you paid for. ebay is a safe community for both buying and selling items.

Do you have a garage full of clothes, sporting goods, musical instruments that you would love to get rid of? Maybe you own a business that is downsizing and you would like to purge your office of unwanted desks, laptops, and file cabinets? Are you a stay-at-home dad or mom looking to make a few extra dollars selling items online? Then, ebay is the answer for you. It is easy to get started on ebay. ebay has made it very simple to start an account, learn about selling your items, as well as maintain your account status.

If you need help setting up an ebay account, setting up an ebay store, listing an item, or just getting started, email the I.C.E. Agency – theiceagents@gmail.com. I have been selling on ebay for over 10 years and it has been an incredibly positive experience for me. I have sold car parts, sporting goods, art, music, books, hardware, posters, figurines, just to name a few categories. I would be happy to welcome you into the ebay community.

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