Newport RI: The Series is an Artistic Masterpiece


Newport RI: The Series had its pilot premiere last night, Saturday September 27, at the Casino Theater in Newport. The event was attended by members of the cast, the producers, writers, local art enthusiasts, and the rest of us who were more than intrigued by what this series was about. The project is inspired by the work of artistWilliam Heydt, specifically his “Newportant People Series”. This particular series of portraits brings the world of Newport, RI to life in his special way – showcasing the interesting landscape, people, and historical importance of this amazing city.

The writing and production of the series is headed by Newport’s swiss army knife of entertainment, Tom C. Erb. I have only known Tom for a short while, but I have to say he is truly in a class by himself when it comes to entertainment and promoting creative energy in Newport. To coin a phrase, he and his writing team have expertly taken Mr. Heydt’s ”pictures” and transformed them into “thousands of beautiful words.”

Newport RI: The Series uses the beautiful, sometimes complex, and always entertaining portraits of William Heydt and tells us the audience what is really going on in that portrait. There is drama, love triangles, misery, triumph over adversity. Each portrait is as different as the snowflakes soon to fall on Newport’s grounds. Each story is unique and truly illustrates how diverse the culture is in Newport. It is based in Newport, filmed in Newport, the actors wine and dine in Newport. Truly, it is a team effort dedicated to promoting Newport and helping its economy along the way.

I got an opportunity to view the portraits first hand at the premiere. They are exquisite. I can’t wait to see how they play out in the 13 episode series of Newport RI: The Series. If you would like to learn more about Newport RI: The Series, you can visit their website at and like them on Facebook.

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