2015 4th Season Race Series Promotes Fitness, Nature, and Community Service

The 2015 Race Series entitled the “4th Season Race Series” is well underway.  To date, there have been 3 races run.  The Old Mountain 5K, the Resolution 5K, and the Belleville Pond 10K – which was held right here in beautiful North Kingstown.  Next up is the Brr-lingame 5 and 10 mile race on Saturday, March 14th.  The final race in the series is the Big River half marathon and 10K on Saturday, April 4th.  

The goal of the 4th Season Race Series is to “provide safe and enjoyable competitions while also raising awareness of the local recreational resources, charities, and small businesses.” Racers are encouraged to bring two non-perishable or household items to the race.  In particular to North Kingstown, the Belleville Pond 10Kraised awareness for and contributed food to the Jonnycake Center of Peacedale.  Not surprisingly, I read on their informational page that local running icon, Kevin O’Neil, has the fastest time in this event, which has been run since 2012.  Additionally, on each page for the series, you will see race results, photos (which you can view and even purchase through Scott Mason photography), as well as which charity or charities benefited from the racers.  This is a fantastic way to give back to the community, while enjoying nature and fitness all at the same time.

If you are a diehard, 4 season type runner and prefer the ups and downs (weather wise) of the outdoors, I salute you.  Most runners switch gears in mid to late fall to an indoor track or health club to run indoors.  If you are a fan of running outdoors in any condition, you should check out the website listed below.  There are only 2 races left in this unique series of races.  Plus, you are helping spread good community vibes by donating to a local charity.  And, of course, seeing some of the most gorgeous nature trails and scenery that Southern New England has to offer.  


For more information on these races, go tohttps://sites.google.com/site/4thseasonraces.

Photography courtesy of www.scottmasonphoto.com

Additional race information provided by race director, Mike Galoob

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