March’s Expresso Bike Challenge – King of the Mountains, The Legend of Big Wheel

 Expresso Bike Challenge…are you up to it?

I frequently check the official website for Expresso Bikes,, for biking challenges. These challenges are great way to stay motivated in your exercise program.  They allow you to set attainable, personal goals.  I’ve used the Expresso bikes at my local YMCA for years and found them to be easy to use, safe, and most of all, effective for my fitness program.  This month’s challenge flyer is listed here in this blog.  For more information on Expresso Bikes, visit their website at  Or, if you live in North Kingstown, visit the West Bay YMCA on Post Rd.  Expresso Bikes are a fantastic alternative for the avid outdoor cyclist, especially in the tough months of winter in New England.


Cardio exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Expresso riders have more fun, workout harder and achieve better results. Train on virtual worlds ranging in difficulty from easy to extreme. You can even share rides with friends and compete on worldwide fitness leaderboards. This is the most advanced piece of cardio equipment ever developed.
Taking the very best in design, the upright, recumbent and youth bikes have integrated technology that allows the rider to connect with people from around the world, track their own performance and play games.
This is the one piece of equipment that will bring people back again and again for the experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether it is for a serious work out, a cycle tour with friend, a competitive ride against other facilities, playing the chase game in a virtual world or racing against your own ghost rider, Expresso has it all.

The new Expresso HD Upright with eLive is the coolest and most fun piece of equipment of its kind available on the market today. The value of having connected virtual cycling as a powerful motivator for all levels of exercisers is easy to see, keeping members engaged, improving, and loyal.

The Expresso HD Upright brings people together within an individual site, network of sites and internationally. No longer is using an exercise bike restricted to an individual pursuit; instead it opens up the whole world through social media, the internet and a thrive community of Expresso cyclists and centres!

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