McKay’s Furniture Showcases Functionality and Art with My Mez

-with Julia McKay, of McKay’s furniture

One of the pages I like on Facebook is local furniture design center McKay’s Furniture.  Our families have been friends for years and I look forward to posts about the McKay’s – both professionally and personally. One such post got my attention recently.  McKay’s Furniture, in addition to their wide range of practical and eclectic furniture lines from local and national manufacturers, is showcasing a RI based furniture company’s product that functions as both art and furniture.  The company is called My Mez.

A My Mez product can be a table or tray.  It can also be a decorative piece of art for your wall.  Let me explain.  Mez is translatable (roughly in some) through several languages – Indian, Persian, Spanish – to table. The “My” part of My Mez is the customization of that table.  We all have photos of weddings, nature, sporting events logged on CD’s or in photo albums or on our social media pages.  Photos that we cherish and look at to brighten our day or the day of a loved one.  Well, these photos are what makes a My Mez product so personal and special.  The team at My Mez will take your photo and mount it onto a handcrafted piece of wood, typically birch but sometimes other woods are used.  Then, they coat the photo with a high gloss finish that makes it not only attractive but durable for everyday use.   These tables are crafted in the USA and are eco-friendly, according the company’s website –  They promote functionality and art.  You can use your My Mez table as a functional piece of furniture for your den or studio apartment or bedroom.  Or, you can remove and store the legs of the table and hang it on your wall for storage or simply for decoration.  A brilliant two in one piece of furniture and concept for the art lover, the space conscious individual, or someone looking for something fun and different.

Portrait of baby on brick wall

I sat down with Julia McKay of McKay’s Furniture, 182 Lafayette Rd. to get her thoughts on My Mez and its amazing benefits – furniture and artistically speaking.  Before our interview, I got a tour of the 3 floor facility that houses not only furniture, accessories, and carpeting but also a genuine sense of warmth from its design consultants.  When you love what you do, as is evident with the designers and delivery team of McKay’s Furniture, it shows in the way you deal with customers.  I had a very positive experience and I encourage you to shop local at McKay’s Furniture.  Here are some highlights from the interview:

So, what caught your eye about My Mez?  Professionally speaking, based on your experience in the furniture design business.

It was just very different.  It is a fun, functional piece of furniture that I felt was just different, so forward thinking in terms of art.  You can customize it with the loves of your life, whether that is nature or your family or whatever you enjoy in photography.  Plus, I have to say the ownership group of My Mez is great.  Believe me when I say they will work with you on your project.

Talk to me about functionality and art.

Well, simply it is a piece of furniture that has another function other than putting a plate or coffee mug on it.  You can remove the legs and store it on your wall, and it looks incredible.  It is designed to be a piece of art that functions as a table or a wall hanging.

So, what separates their quality of work from just a coffee table made from a nice piece of wood?

Again, I think it is the company’s commitment to the customer’s satisfaction.  They take great pride in producing a “My Mez” for you – a table or tray that is personalized just for you.  Their interaction is very professional.  They are fully “engaged” in your satisfaction as a customer.

What kind of success have you had with My Mez?

We are off to a really good start with them.  Everyone we have signed up is very excited about the product and what it brings to their home.

What are the best applications for a My Mez product?  What type of home or person?

Honestly, any style of home or room could use a My Mez product. These tables are about personalization, customizing a cherished photo to a functional piece of furniture that can be enjoyed by anyone who walks in your home.  A My Mez table can be a great gift idea for a relative or as a wedding gift.  You can make it as decorative or as mellow as you desire.

Feel free to use the website to find out more about My Mez products. My advice would be to go into McKay’s and experience this piece of functional art.  I did and am 100% sold on the product after seeing it firsthand.

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Facebook – My Mez


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