Spring is Here and Wickford Little League Baseball is Near

Spring is a mere 8 hours away and I can’t help but think of baseball.  I have been involved with baseball my entire life as a player, coach, and fan.  My experience with Wickford Little League helped develop my skills as a player and I was lucky enough to play not only in high school but in college as well.  My experience as a fan watching my sons play has no shortage of emotions and I am so proud of their accomplishments as young athletes.

Wickford Little League has a Facebook page with upcoming events, registration information, photos, and much more.  It is simply “Wickford Little League.”  I “liked” it today and encourage other parents, friends, and sponsors of Wickford Little League to do so as well.  Snow will melt and whenever it does, our North Kingstown ball players will be out there playing soon enough.  I’ll be watching and dreaming of the days when I suited up for FOP – way, way back when.

Little League® Baseball began in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 1938, when Carl Edwin Stotz, an oil clerk, agreed to a game of catch with his nephews:– Jimmy and Harold “Major” Gehron – who were too young to play organized baseball. Acting on a promise to find a way for children to play baseball like the Major Leaguers of the day, Mr. Stotz created a three-team league that would play on a field that was two-thirds the size of a standard baseball field. After being turned down by 56 local businesses, Mr. Stotz convinced a lumber company, a dairy, and a pretzel maker to sponsor the teams for $30 each. On June 6, 1939, the first Little League game was played at Park Point in Williamsport.

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