NK Animal Shelter Support Foundation Shoe Drive

Shoe Drive benefiting the North Kingstown Animal Shelter Support Foundation

-Courtesy of NKASSF Event Page

I received this link on Facebook.  Here is a short video explaining the event.  Also, per the North Kingstown Animal Shelter Support Foundation, here is a brief description of the event:

SHOES! We want your old/worn footwear! We have partnered up funds2orgs to raise money for the shelter. If we collect 2500 pairs of shoes, we can earn $1,000 (if we do not reach our goal, we still get some money, just not as much). The old footwear is melted down and made into new shoes for people who can’t afford them.
We are accepting shoes, heels, boots, sandals, roller blades, sneakers. And they can be worn and dirty! 

To ensure that every cat or dog that comes through the North Kingstown Animal Shelter recieves appropriate medical attention, inoculations, and spaying or neutering before adoption. We will strive to provide a comfortable and stress free environment for the animals awaiting adoption. We will also strive to reach out to the community to assist those whose pets need medical attention that they cannot afford. To meet these objective we need the following: TO RAISE MONEY FOR OPPERATIONS’ THROUGH DONATIONS, GRANTS, AND FUNDRAISING. OFFER EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS. ENCOURAGE SPAYING AND NEUTERING. INCREASE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR THESE ANIMALS

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