YouTube and the Aspiring Musician

YouTube has become a staple in our society. Videos are used to market businesses, promote bands, sell products, create awareness, the list is endless.  Entire careers have been launched simply by posting a video to YouTube and sharing it with friends, the media, you name it.  You can find just about anything on YouTube these days.

I got into playing guitar late in life. I played the piano as a teenager and learned how to read music as well.  Over the years, I picked up the harmonica and have become somewhat listenable at that instrument.  I’ve played the recorder, the clarinet, the violin, even the drums.  Music is a huge part of my life and my family.  But, the guitar has always been one of my favorite musical instruments.

When I first started playing, I went the traditional routes.  I went to several bookstores and bought “How to Play the Guitar” type books.  For my birthday, Father’s Day, Groundhog Day I received “How to Play the Guitar” type books.  I took a few lessons and listened to friends of mine who played the guitar.  I practiced what they told me and what the books told me.  But, it wasn’t until I discovered YouTube videos on playing the guitar that I really hit my stride as a guitar player.

YouTube has millions of guitar players and instructors.  One I really like is Marty Schwartz from Guitar Jamz.  Marty has a laid back style to go along with an impressive knowledge of guitar playing.  His lessons are easy to understand and follow.  His videos range from the very basics of G, C,D chord songs to learning blues scales to the more complex stuff that I have no clue about even to this day.  The camera work zooms in on his hands as they shape chords.  His graphics show you chords, strumming patterns, plus other information on how to get to the ultimate goal – playing a song on the guitar.  Plus, his YouTube page has a gigantic library of songs to learn so as you get better, you can challenge yourself.

If you are just getting started on playing the guitar and don’t have a ton of time for private lessons, YouTube is a great resource.  It has worked really well for me and I’m a better guitar player because of it.

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