A Penny Provides Me With More Than Just One Cent

A penny for your thoughts…

The next time you get a penny in your hand, try what I do.  Look at the year it was minted. Think about that year – a sporting event, a concert you went to, a family event such as the birth of child or wedding. For me, I always think of who won the World Series that year.  Some of the more recent years are pretty easy to get. But, the older the penny, the more my brain has to work.   And to go along with that, the older the penny, the more character it has.  I get especially excited when I see my year of birth or the birth year of one of my kids or one of the years when the Red Sox won the World Series.  It seems sort of corny, but for that one brief moment, that penny is worth a heck of a lot more to me that one cent.

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