The Precor AMT – A Versatile Piece of Cardio Equipment Now at the YMCA

At my local YMCA, West Bay here in North Kingstown, we have a new machine that is very unique in the fitness equipment industry.  It is the Precor AMT, which stands for Adaptive Motion Trainer.  The Precor name is one of the most prestigious in the fitness equipment industry and has been for as at least as long as I have been in it (going on 25 years).  They make commercial and home fitness equipment and are consistently rated in the top 5 in terms of quality, manufacturing, and results for both home and commercial fitness equipment. I’m really excited that my local YMCA decided to go with Precor products, especially this AMT.

The Precor AMT is a machine that works the heart and lungs as well as strengthens and tones the body.  It is in the category of elliptical cross trainer because it allows the user to work both the arms and legs as opposed to machines which are strictly lower or upper body machines.  The arms move when the legs move similar to when you stride (left arm goes back, right leg goes forward; right arm goes back, left leg goes forward).  This Precor AMT has an easy to read console which allows you to program a workout, check your status of your workout, and view statistics of your workout during your exercise session. It has very modern technology in the electronics and aesthetic features of the machine.

One interesting thing about the AMT is in the name – Adaptive Motion.  This Precor AMT has been designed to allow the user to determine not only their stride length, but also their stride height.  Most elliptical trainers have a set plane which you work out in, over and over again.  Some ellipticals, even from Precor, allow you to change the plane or incline of your stride.  Others, have a stride adjustment. The AMT is one of the few, if not the only, exercise machine that allows you to change the stride height and stride length to fit your needs.  This AMT can function similar to a step machine.  And, it can function as an elliptical machine.  All in a very safe and biomechanically correct machine.

If you are stuck in a cardio rut or are tired of using the same machine without results, you should try the Precor AMT.  If you are unfamiliar with how to use it, ask a fitness professional at your local gym or YMCA.  The Precor AMT is a fantastic cardiovascular workout that is user defined and gets results.

Working out on the PRECOR

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