I have been lucky enough to grow up on a small town that has a ton of character. Wickford Village is situated on the water and has interesting buildings, shops, people, natural beauty, you name it.  There is a main throughway through Wickford as well as a number of side streets to marinas, residences, and small shops.  There is public parking as well as street parking in front of restaurants, jewelry stores, and other retail shoppes.  If you drive through Wickford and look around, you will see a pretty good share of these things I’ve mentioned.  

But, my recommendation is to park and walk through the village of Wickford. What you find is history that probably isn’t recorded in any book or course you took in school.  You will read names on the walls of homes that date back to the 18th century.  There are churches with dates like “1816” or “1707”.  It is very much worth getting out of your vehicle, weather permitting, and walking the village.

A marker on the sidewalk in Wickford Village

One spot in Wickford Village which is especially gratifying to all the senses is the wharf at the end of Main St. It has public parking available.  The view is spectacular.  The smells of the ocean and fresh seafood are abundant. You can hear the seagulls and local fisherman relay their daily catch stories.  It is a safe place to sit and have lunch and enjoy one of the most picturesque settings in Rhode Island.

End-O-Main Lobsters in Wickford Village

I find something or meet someone new every time I walk through Wickford. This spring, drive to Wickford, buy lunch in town, and walk through the village.  It is one of the most scenic villages I have ever walked through.