Getting My Body Ready to Tackle, I Mean Play Golf

I have been training this winter for a number of reasons – weight loss, overall strengthening of my aging body, and preparation for outdoor activities whenever the snow melts.  Well, the snow is just about gone and all of my hours in the gym are about to be put to good use.  Yes, I’m ready to go out and golf.

I recently consulted Ian Manning, local physical therapist at Orthocore Physical Therapy.  Ian is certified through the Titlelist Institute to treat golf injuries as well as improve golf performance.  I asked Ian about some of the important exercises I will need to implement into my current fitness program at the YMCA to get stronger (physically) for golf season.  Here are his top 5 exercise recommendations for me and anyone interested in improving themselves physically for golf season:

1.  Core Strength

2.  Balance

3.  Hip Mobility

4.  Thoracic Mobility

5.  Posture

In the coming weeks, I will be working with Ian on these (5) five areas and will be highlighting not only exercises but stretches as well.  It is important to incorporate a comprehensive stretching program into any exercise session and I’m looking forward to getting my body ready to hit the links.

Analyzing your golf swing

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