Swipe for a Cause Supporting Business – Pier Pizza, New York Style Pizza with an NK Community Attitude

Swipe for a Cause continues to work for their customer base long after their credit card processing programs take place.  According to their website, http://www.swipeforacause.com, “we do free marketing to let consumers know who Swipes for a Cause.   Customers will frequent businesses where a portion of their sale is going to charity.  We’ve been told they even spend more to support the cause.”  Truly, the team at Swipe for a Cause promotes the positive message about your business and the results are incredible.

Our series showcasing local North Kingstown merchants who use Swipe for a Cause continues with Pier Pizza, 6667 Post Rd in the Kingstown Plaza. Pier Pizza is a local merchant who uses Swipe for a Cause in their credit card processing system.  I recently caught up with Jordan Becker of Pier Pizza. Jordan is a great community member, member of the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, and the driving force behind Let’s Read – NK.  Here is an excerpt from our conversation:

 The dining room at Pier Pizza, NK

Hi Jordan, thanks for taking some time.  So, what is Pier Pizza and how does it differ from other pizza available here in NK?

We are a New York Style Pizza Parlor.  Simply put, we offer fresh food. Our pizzas are made from hand tossed dough and are cooked directly on the bricks in our oven.

Where can NK businesses and homes find you online?

We post on Twitter @pierpizzank and on Facebook Pier Pizza NK

So how did you find out about Swipe for a Cause?

Found out about them through connections at the NK Chamber of Commerce

So Jordan, why did Pier Pizza get involved with Swipe for a Cause?

The decision to partner up (and it has the direct and hands on working relationship that makes it feel like more than just paying for a service) was a no-brainer.  It’s a local company, locally owned and operated, that also is committed to a very noble and worthy cause.  Plus they have extremely competitive rates.  You would have to be crazy to not want to get involved.

Anything you’d like to promote for Pier Pizza?

Looking forward to summer and we always have meal deals on pizza by the slice.  Plus, our Pier Pizza location in the Kingstown Plaza is the home to the slice for a bookmark, better known as Let’s Read – NK.  I look forward to seeing everyone who supports this great reading program for kids.

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