Godzilla – My Take on a Remake

Godzilla is an action and adventure film.

Godzilla stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson.  This version is a remake of a movie classic that was originally released in 1954.  In this modern day version, Godzilla is called upon to face not one but two extremely dangerous and destructive Mutos.  These Mutos are feeding off of nuclear energy wherever they can find it and, in the process, are destroying major cities, roads, and bridges in their path.  Will Godzilla get to them before the Mutos destroy every major US city in their quest for energy?

The movie has tons of awesome fight scenes with Godzilla and the Mutos as well as amazing CGI – Computer Generated Imagery. The movie runs for just over 2 hours and is rated PG-13.  I saw it in 2D but it was also shown in 3D.  I went with my family and I ate a box of popcorn and some of my brother’s candy.  It was such a cool movie.  One of my favorite parts was listening to Godzilla’s roar.  It scared me a little but only for a second.  At the end, I stood up and cheered.  I would give Godzilla 5 stars.

 Godzilla movie poster

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