The ICE Box – A North Kingstown Video Production Studio Open to the Public

Video content has overtaken the internet.  Bands post videos of their concerts. Kids post videos of skateboarding tricks.  Chefs post videos on how to bake a chocolate cake.  You can use your cell phone to capture amazing video and, in an instant, post it on social media.  Visit Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and you will see thousands of videos posted.  Video has never been easier with the technology we have today.

The I.C.E. Agents have captured tons of videos on their cell phones as well. Although the moment is captured, the quality of the video can be compromised by bad sound, too much or too little natural light, or shaky video enough to make the strongest stomach queasy.   These videos are perfectly acceptable for our personal social media pages.  But, if you are interested in filming a marketing video about your business, your band, or your brand the I.C.E. Agency recommends you consider a more professional setting for your video.

Our video production room is called “The ICE Box.”  Inside “The ICE Box”, we have tons of lighting, which is the key to any successful video or photography session.  In addition, we have green screen backgrounds, similar to what you might find on a local weather forecast, to help create the perfect background for your video.  We, at the I.C.E. Agency, have used green screen backgrounds to showcase company banners, create fantasy scenes, and really grab the attention of the viewer.  We have professional HD (high definition) video cameras to film amazing video or even capture a single shot.  To date, we have shot business commercials, music videos, political videos, and interviews with local musicians and business leaders.  Click on the YouTube video below to see a trailer of our interview with national country music recording artist, Tim Charron, who grew up in North Kingstown.

The I.C.E. Agents staff will work with you at every level of the video production process.  If you have material that is ready to be filmed, we will help get you set up and prepared to shoot your video.  If you need help with material, our staff can work with you on content.  In addition, we can edit your video and add sound, animation, or whatever your video requires.  We believe that a quality video about your business or brand can make a huge difference and get you the results that no other means of marketing can.

For information about filming your next video at “The ICE Box”, contact the I.C.E. Agency at 401-583-7171 or visit our website at

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