5 Great Exercises to Prep You for Golf Season from Orthocore Physical Therapy


Here is a follow up to my NK Blog article about exercises to prepare you for golf season.  You can click on the photos and learn more about Orthocore Physical Therapy, including their new performance center set up at their office in North Kingstown. Thanks to Ian Manning, who has been busy getting his facility ready for golf simulation, instruction, and training.Golf Home Exercises 01

Golf Home Exercises 02

Side Plank
Begin by laying on your side with legs stacked one on top of the other. Bring your forearm to the mat as pictured with your elbow directly under your shoulder. Raise your hips up into the air into a side plank as pictured Hold this position.”L Hold” (Romanian Dead Lift) RDL
Start with the toes of your back foot on a chair and your other leg on the ground, slightly bent at knee. Keeping your back leg straight and tip forward at the waist.
Your hips should BOTH be facing the ground. Don’t let your stance knee collapse inward and make sure your knee is not far forward over your toes. Keep weight on the heel.
Wall Stork Turn
Stand in golf posture facing wall with one foot tucked behind opposite knee. Lightly press both hands into wall with 20% effort. Rotate hips back and forth without allowing shoulders and torso to move. Your foot should stay flat on the ground
Quad Thoracic Rotation
Get into your hands and kenes position with one hand behind your head. Press the other hand into the table with 20% of your effort. Holding that pressure try to open up your chest bringing your elbow to the ceiling as much as you can. Make sure you breathe throughout this exercise.
Spread feet slightly wider than hip width. With a broomstick (or similar) you have 3 points of contact: back of head, between your shoulder blades, and your tailbone. These stay in contact. Lean nose forward, stick rear out, bend knees keeping pressure into band.

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