Pack 1 Saunderstown – These Cub Scouts Are Learning Some Great Life Skills and Having Fun in the Process

I am a proud parent of a Cub Scout.  He has been an active member of Pack 1 Sauderstown for a few years now and I have to say it has been an incredible experience for him.  My son has learned life skills, basic emergency skills, how to treat others fairly and with courtesy, fitness skills, just to name a few. He has meetings a few times per month with his pack and looks forward to learning new skills and being with his friends.  I couldn’t be happier about how Boy Scouts of America has helped make my son a better human being.

I wanted to find out what kind of impact the Cub Scouts had on other kids in my son’s group.  So, I asked the scout leaders to go right to the source – the scouts themselves.  Their answers were fantastic and I have a number of them that I’d like to share with you.  If your family is considering the Cub Scouts (Boy Scouts) for your son, I highly encourage you to go to their website –  Also, if you are considering summer camp for your Scout, please view the video above which explains more about the camp.

 Chief Yawgoog

What do you get out of scouting that is different from school?

“Community service, camping, archery”

“Faith and doing the ‘Faith Walk’ exercise”

“The Pinewood Derby and making the car the right way”

“The Pinewood Derby because I like to race against my friends”

What is your favorite part of Cub Scouts?

“Learning and going to camp”

“Going to camp and fundraisers like the popcorn sales”

“Meeting kids from other parts of town”

“It’s fun and I want to become a boy scout like my brothers”

“Earning badges for all the hard work I’ve done”

Why did you sign up for Cub Scouts?

“I just moved here and I wanted to make friends”

“My Dad has a friend who was an Eagle Scout.  He told me about the badges and camp and the “Readyman” tasks.  It sounded really cool”

“I saw a flyer with an eagle on it.  The eagle was jumping out of the water and I was like “wow, that is awesome” so I asked my parents to sign me up”

What is your favorite activity at camp?

“Making our banner, doing archery”


“Two things – learning how to build a fire and how to raise the Amercan Flag up and then take it down”

“Staying overnight”

“Making food for the pack”

“Different knots and how to survive if your house is on fire”

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