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Most small businesses cannot afford nor need a dedicated IT (Information Technology) Department. But the real question is “can you afford downtime, business interruption, or worse case scenario – data loss?” Nearly every business relies on computers.  Are you backing up your daily activities on your computer system?  Is your virus protection up to date and protecting you from viruses that encrypt your data and put your business on temporary hold?  My company will work with you to solve these solutions.

I have owned and operated a managed IT service company called Rhode Island PC for the past 8 years. I have recently partnered with the I.C.E. Agency in North Kingstown to help create a one stop shop for internet marketing, managed IT services, and website development.   My office is located in the newly renovated I.C.E. Agency studios at 7630 Post Rd.  Feel free to contact me at 401-484-7870 or email me at gene@rhodeislandpc.com.

What can cloud computing do for you

Managed services can give you confidence in your computer systems.  With managed IT services, you get much more than just fixing a virus, you get real prevention solutions for future problems.  Proactive risk assessment can give you the peace of mind that your data and systems are safe today and will continue to be safe tomorrow.  Here is a breakdown of some of my programs:

1.  Our Managed Service Plans proactively watch for things that could take your business down.  Don’t wait until you have a problem, let us monitor and warn you of problems ahead of time.  We watch your systems for you and let you know of potential problems, usually long before they become a crisis.

2.  Don’t worry about what software updates, whether you should do them, or if they are even real.  We will manage all of these “patches” and update the ones that you need to keep your business up and running.

3.  We are virus removal experts.  With our managed anti-virus software running, most malware is quarantined and we are notified within minutes of an infection.

Rhode Island PC has affordable solutions to fit any budget.  Call me for a free consultation at 401-484-7870 or go to my website www.rhodeislandpc.com. 

Businessman drawing a Cloud Computing diagram
Businessman drawing a Cloud Computing diagram on the whiteboard

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