The Cold Spring House Photo – A Postcard and a History Lesson

I was going through some old photos of Wickford and North Kingstown and happened upon this photo. It is of the Cold Spring House that was located at 10 Beach St.  On the back of the photo is brief history of the property, its various owners, and some other historical information.  Here is what appears on the back:

“The renovated Cold Spring House (1881 built), Wickford, Rhode Island.  (We later renamed to Wickford Inn.) Loring & Dorothy B. Records purchased property December 19, 1957 from Henry Carpenter. We sold property to Milton Brandt of Exeter, RI in 1965. He held property as investment together we planned to build a large condo where Beechwood Senior Center now stands.  Still have “specifications.”  Due to high levels of groundwater, plans had to be cancelled.)  Mr. Brandt sold property to Town of NK 1968. The town demolished the Inn and built the present Band Stand.”  

– Dorothy B. (Records) Froberg, June 1991

Photo courtesy of 186 Ten Studios


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