When I learned about Orthocore Physical Therapy opening a studio (right next to their current space at 7610 Post Rd. in NK) devoted to improving golf swings and strength training, I was intrigued. So, I took a camera crew to Orthocore Physical Therapy and took part in a lesson.  Ian Manning of Orthocore Physical Therapy was my golf instructor for the hour and he showed me how the simulator worked.  First off, Ian is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) to treat golf related injuries, and help increase golf performance.  His hands on approach to instruction on the golf swing is informative and easy to understand.  Ian is qualified to work with golfers of all abilities – from the Sundays only golfer to the competitive high school player or the absolute novice.  

I had some concerns about my swing, as most of my golf balls end up in the various woods, lakes and parking lots of the golf courses I play on.  With the guidance of Ian and the golf simulation software, I was able to get expert feedback on what was really happening with my swing.  Ian set me on a plot of artificial turf and had me hit a few golf balls into a netting on the other side of the studio.  (Its important to note that I caught up with Ian as he was in the early stages of his new studio, so the netting you see in the video is different than what is there now, as you can see in the photo below.)  The simulation software is a real time set of information about the speed of the club, the angle of the club as you swing back then throught the ball, the trajectory of the ball after you hit it, just to name a few of the many pieces of data provided.   Ian made several adjustments in my swing and by the 4th or 5th swing, I was hitting the ball with more efficiency than ever before.

There is a ton of information on Orthocore Physical Therapy’s website.  Visit www.orthocorept.com. Also, check out their Facebook page for offers like this:

Rent the simulator for an hour for $35 or,

book a lesson with Chad Spencer PGA pro for $50