Known as the “Windows Support Scam” or “Tech Support Scam”, you may have received this unsolicited phone call from individuals posing as Microsoft Windows tech support. The scammers claim that your computer has notified them that there are “corrupt files” or malicious software that needs to be fixed. The caller then walks the consumer through a series of computer commands, allegedly “fixing the issue”, but actually installing malware or other software that allows the scam artist to remotely control the computer. The caller then solicits credit card payment for the so-called fix. When consumers question payment, the caller threatens to shut down the computer and will only unlock it when payment is made.

Microsoft will NEVER CONTACT YOU. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, HANG UP! Under no circumstances should you ever let someone you don’t know remotely control your computer.  Your personal information is greatly at risk.

If you have accidentally allowed the caller access, you should immediately power off your computer. There is a high likelihood that malware or other software has been installed on your computer.  We recommend that when you restart on your computer, disconnect it from the internet, and perform a full malware scan using your anti-virus software. If you still suspect that there may be malware or viruses on your computer, give us a call at (401) 484-7870 for a full system inspection, virus removal, and system tune-up. We guarantee 100% that your computer will be free from any malware infections.

-Gene Allsworth, Rhode Island PC

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