The NK Blog welcomes The Association of Migraine Disorders to the NK Chamber of Commerce

As a member of the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, I would like to welcome The Association of Migraine Disorders to our community.  Here is some information from President Frederick Godley, MD, FACS.

The Association of Migraine Disorders is a 501(c)3 organization devoted to improved diagnosis and treatment of migraine disorders.  Our mission is to raise the awareness of migraine disorders among the general public and medical community and to stimulate neuroscience research with a multidisciplinary approach.  The Association of Migrane Disorders is a local non-profit organization that has not only local but national interests that affect people suffering with migraines.

Our website is: www.migrainedisorders.org

twitter: @migrainedisordr

pinterest: migrainedisordr/association of migraine disorders/

FaceBook: MigraineDisorders

Migraine treatment and relief

I would like to get an important message out to the NK Chamber of Commerce members.  We are hosting a large fundraiser at the Aldrich Manor on Sunday, June 7 at 3-7 pm.  It has the fun of a croquet tournament, the silliness of a hat contest and seriousness of a short presentation on the work at the Brown Institute for Brain Science.   There will be light food, beer, wine and a great band to make it a party.  An admission ticket, including the croquet tournament, is $100, but we are offering tickets at $50 for members of the NK Chamber of Commerce.  For more information, click on the photo below which will take you to our informational page.  I thank you in advance.
Association of Migraine Disorders Mad Hatter Party


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