Batman – The Dark Knight is Up Against Joker Once Again

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” is a quote from “Batman – The Dark Knight.” This movie starts out with a bank robbery from The Joker (played by the late Heath Ledger) and his goons.   He believes “that whatever doesn’t kill you, certainty makes you stranger.” And with Bruce Wayne a.k.a the bat crusader Batman (played by Christian bale) what he wants is to keep one person from danger, Rachel Dawes.  Now that Rachel is with Harvey Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart) Batman feels that she is a little more at ease. But, Rachel and Harvey get abducted by The Joker before he was caught by Commissioner Gordon (played by Gary Oldman).  The Joker kidnaps Harvey and Rachel and brings them each to separate locations.  Rachel and Harvey were both tied to a chair and each room was filled with oil barrels.  When Batman found out, courtesy of The Joker himself, he was going to go after Rachel instead of Harvey.  But, The Joker gave Batman the address to where Harvey was and gave the cops Rachel’s address.  Batman ended up saving Harvey Dent but then the building exploded and that’s how Harvey Dent became “Harvey Two-Face.” But the cops didn’t make it in time and Rachel passed away via explosion.

Dark Knight Batman

While the cops were out trying to rescue Rachel,  The Joker managed to get away and then dressed up to look like a nurse for Harvey Dent.  When a cop when in to get Harvey out of the hospital,(because The Joker threatened Gotham “if coalmen Reese isn’t dead in 60 minutes then I blow up a hospital”) that cop was shot by The Joker which then woke up Two-Face.  When Harvey saw The Joker, he just wanted to get his hands on The Joker for killing Rachel. But Joker has other plans.   He lied to Harvey that he didn’t rig the charges and guess what HARVEY BELIEVED HIM! Will Batman be able to stop The Joker and Two-Face from doing other harm to the citizens of Gotham City? Watch “Batman – The Dark Knight” and find out. 

Editors note:  Happy 12th Birthday to G. Williams Movie Reviewer.  You make everyone around you have the best day of their lives!!! 

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