The NK Blog Welcomes Dr. Lauren Hedde and Direct Doctors to the NK Chamber of Commerce

Throughout my life, I have been a very accident prone individual.  Thus, I have spent a lot of time in doctor’s offices to treat not only acute injuries but also the subsequent follow up appointments.  What always struck me, even when I was younger, was the amount of time you waited to be seen, as opposed to the actual time you were seen by the doctor.  If I was a patient in a very busy practice, the wait times were in the hours some days.  That’s a long time for a kid to have to wait to then be told, “Everything looks good, see you in 6 months.”

What if there was a medical practice which focused on the patient’s time as a priority?  A practice that got you more face time with the doctor so they could fully engage you, the patient, and your medical situation? Wouldn’t that be a refreshing way of treating patients? I say yes.  Enter Direct Doctors.


The NK Blog is happy to welcome Direct Doctors to the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce. Direct Doctors is an innovative Family Medicine practice seeing newborns through geriatric patients in Wickford. Direct Doctors has a very impressive website with a ton of information, services provided, and contact information.  Dr. Lauren Hedde was kind enough to send me some information about her practice. 

Dr. Lauren Hedde, DO offers:

  1. 24/7 cell phone and email access directly to her

  2. no waiting in the office

  3. longer appointments

  4. same day visits,

  5. and even old fashioned house calls

all for an affordable monthly fee that is less than a cell phone bill.  Dr. Mark Turshen MD will be joining the practice this July to add an additional option for patients seeking a different, unique, and better primary care experience!

You can reach Direct Doctors online at  They are also on social media sites:

Facebook – Direct Doctors

Twitter – @directdoctors


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