The Next Stop on My Golf Odyssey I Call “Finding my Swing” – The North Kingstown Golf Course

Armed with my lessons from neighbor and golf expert, Ian Manning from Orthocore PT, I continued my golfing tour of North Kingstown at the North Kingstown Golf Course.  It was the Friday prior to Memorial Day and the weather conditions were absolutely ideal for golf.  The place was mobbed and I was thrilled that an open spot on the back nine was available.  I grabbed my clubs, laced up my shoes, did some thoracic stretches, and teed off.

I have played the North Kingstown Golf Course front nine a few times but not the back nine.  I was relieved to find all of the benches at the tee boxes with the appropriate shots to par, hole diagram with bunkers and other hazards, and total distance waiting for me.  The course was in really nice shape.  I really enjoyed the back nine.  You play a few holes, then cross over the road leading to the Quonset “O” Club to play a few more holes.

NK Golf Course

My favorite hole on the course on the course was, if memory serves me correct, Hole #14.  This hole faces the runway of Quonset Point and the view was just breathtaking. There was a C-130 plane parked on the tarmac, providing me and the other golfers with an amazing view especially with Memorial Day approaching.  I met up with a regular on the course who gave me a few pointers on this, the 15th and 16th holes.   Essentially, he said to “aim” for the C-130 and that that would give me a good shot at getting up and down on this 14th hole.  “Aim” meaning use the plane’s position to center my golf shot in the hopes of making par, not to actually take aim at the plane itself.  His advice worked great and I nearly made par on this hole.

NK Golf Course - golfing next to the planes

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