The North Kingstown Blog is pleased to help promote the 53rd Annual Wickford Art Festival.

I asked Festival Director, Judy Salvadore, about this year’s festival committee choices and some of the artists that would be showcasing their amazing talents in Wickford Village this July.

Who are the artists coming this year that have drawn the most interest in the festival committee?

We love all of our artists so I wouldn’t want to say that we have “favorites”. This year, the Jury Committee was very interested in artists that work on a large scale and the artists below are big (as in size of work) painters. But we also have a sculptor that works on a very small scale creating large intricate work.  We get very excited after the first week of April because that is when all of the applications are in, the Jury Committee meets to make their selections and then we see the makeup of the festival. Below are some of what you can expect to see at this year’s festival.  You can click on any of the photos to go to the artist’s website.

Neal Personeus Smuggler's Cove
Neal Personeus Smuggler’s Cove
Lisa Palumbo - Acrylic Painting - Booth #232
Lisa Palumbo – Acrylic Painting – Booth #232
Ken Orton - Oil Painting - Booth #113
Ken Orton – Oil Painting – Booth #113
John Harris - Oil Painint - Booth #128
John Harris – Oil Painint – Booth #128

Stay tuned for more artists featured in the 53rd Annual Wickford Art Festival in the weeks leading to the July 11th and 12th.  Thanks again to Judy Salvadore, Festival Director, for the artist’s bios and photos.