Windows 10 arrives this summer.

You may have noticed the small Windows logo notification in the taskbar. Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be the last major launch for the Windows platform. That’s right; this is the last Windows version…sort of. Windows 10 represents a shift in the way Microsoft thinks about Windows. The software is shifting to a “Windows as a Service” model, rather than the piece of software you buy and more or less leave alone until the next model.

Windows 10 is being offered as a free upgrade to licensed users of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Will it stay free? That is something that we will have to wait and see. The free upgrade is offered for 1 year (from the release date of July 29, 2015 until July 29, 2016). Users building their own PCs, or don’t have a previous Windows 7 or 8 license, will have to pay for a fresh copy of Windows 10. Windows 10 Home will cost $119, and Windows 10 Pro will cost $199. It’ll cost $99 to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. As far as the free upgrade, Windows 7/8 Home (Premium) will receive the Windows 10 Home Version. Windows 7/8 Professional & Ultimate versions will receive the Windows 10 Pro version.

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Prior to the release of Windows 10, should you choose to upgrade, it is a good idea to have a full system backup (to an external device) in the event the roll-out doesn’t go so well. As many of you know, Windows Updates do occasionally have major issues. Your data is more important than a system upgrade.

What are the minimum requirements my computer needs to run Windows 10?

If your computer is currently running Windows 7 or 8, it can run Windows 10. The minimum specs are:

• 1 GHz processor (or faster)

• 1 GB RAM (32 bit) and 2 GB (64 bit)

• 16 GB of free internal storage

• Microsoft Direct X 9 graphics with WDDM driver

• Microsoft account & internet access

(We have tested the 32 bit version on an older XP Dell Inspiron laptop, and it performed rather well. Windows XP is not eligible for the free upgrade, and not all older XP machines will run Windows 10-but those that meet the minimum requirements should run the new Windows.)

Can I do this myself, or should I get help?

The Windows 10 upgrade will be released as a Windows update if you pre-register now using the notification in the task bar. We highly recommend a full system backup prior to the upgrade. Yes, you can do this yourself. If you are upgrading business machines, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND letting an IT Professional assist in the transition. Or, if you are a home user and need assistance, a local IT Professional can help. We here, at Rhode Island PC, are offering a special Windows 10 Package which includes (prior to upgrading) a full system tune-up and extensive virus/malware removal , a full system backup maintained on our servers for 30 days,& installation of Windows 10 and all Windows drivers for $150. Yes the upgrade is free, but proper procedures should be followed during any major upgrade, and peace of mind knowing that your data is safe. CALL TODAY (401-484-7870) and schedule an appointment for our Windows 10 Upgrade Package.