53rd Wickford Art Festival Artist Spotlight is Marian L. O’Connell – Booth #149 on Main Street

In our weekly series of articles on the 53rd Annual Wickford Art Festival, festival director Judy Salvadore recently caught up with local artist, Marian O’Connell.  Marian is from Middletown, RI, creates etchings and monotypes and will be in Booth #149 on Main Street.  Here is a bio submitted to Judy from artist Marian O’Connell.


Hi Judy,

I’ve been doing the Wickford Art festival since 1978.  Still feel it is the best outdoor show in New England and would hope I can continue showing for many more years to come.  I can remember when the show was 3 days and I’m grateful they did away with Friday.  Customers are so interesting to meet and it’s a pure joy to talk to them about my art and for them to enjoy the adventure of how I see my work. The satisfaction of someone going home with a piece of you is the utmost reward.   Knowing they are happy with their selection makes me know my art work is going to a good home. The village is such a magical setting and most of the shops have the benefit of many artists and customers shopping the festival days but well beyond the two days of the show.  Even if it rains, we have big umbrellas (canopies) to go between and only leave in the heaviest of downpours so I hope you come out and see all the fine art available for all tastes.


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