Interactive Map for 53rd Wickford Art Festival

In our continuing series of promotional articles for the 53rd Annual Wickford Art Festival, the North Kingstown Blog along with its parent company, the I.C.E. Agency, is proud to present an interactive map of the festival.  In this map, you can see the village of Wickford with landmarks such as popular retail stores, restaurants, and churches.  In addition, the map has yellow squares to designate where the artists will be stationed for the weekend festival which starts July 11th.  These squares are called “hotspots.”  If you move your mouse (or finger on a mobile device) over one of these “hotspots,” a text box will open up.  Inside this text box is:

  • Information about the artist
  • Website where you can find out more about the artist
  • A sample of their work
  • What booth number they are assigned to
  • What medium their art falls under

You can also go to the drop down menu and choose a “hotspot” on the map to find an artist on either Brown St., West Main St., or one of the side streets in Wickford Village.  This map can serve as a helpful guide as you plan your day at the festival or as a handy guide the day of the festival if you are using a mobile device.  You can view this map on the right side of home page of the North Kingstown Blog.  We hope this interactive map serves as a helpful guide and that you support the artists and businesses of Wickford for the 53rd Annual Wickford Art Festival.

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