I commend anyone who starts their own business or takes over a family business in this economy.  Most people take a passion – photography, cooking, fitness – and start a business, hoping to convince others of why they are so passionate.  There is a honeymoon phase of a new business venture, the rush of energy and confidence of doing what you believe in, the excitement and anticipation for your first client or sale.  After your first few sales are in the books and clients are beginning to use your services, you are feeling more confident than ever.  Then, the ebb and flow of life and your business take a negative turn, when life’s challenges create an unexpected barrier to your business growth and success.  How do you overcome this barrier and stay on track in your business?  It is hard and sometimes you need a professional to steer you from troubled waters to a safe harbor.

I met Mary O’Sullivan at a recent lunch networking meeting presented by the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce.  We, at the round table, all had an opportunity to let the group know who we were and what we did.  When it was Mary’s turn, I couldn’t help but notice her calm demeanor and straightforward advice about resolving business issues.  I got the sense that she was someone who listens intently to her client’s needs and makes personalized recommendations, not just what a textbook or manual might suggest.  Understanding that life is different for everyone helps Mary O’Sullivan and Encore Executive Coaching develop positive life and business strategies that are effective and meet her client’s personal agenda.  Here is a little more about Encore Executive Coaching as well as a special offer:

Encore Executive Coaching

Encore Executive and Professional Coaching’s mission is to help people recognize barriers to their professional and career development.  Our team will uncover the disadvantages of the “status quo” and advise you on the advantages of making a change.  At Encore Executive Coaching, we help our clients gain the confidence needed to transform their career and move toward taking positive actions. You will receive professional support throughout each session and be challenged to develop the thoughts and actions necessary to bring about change.  Yes, life sometimes has roadblocks. My team at Encore Executive Coaching will identify resources to create the positive movement toward goals as defined by you.

Where can you find us?

Facebook – Encore Executive Coaching

LinkedIn – Mary T. O’Sullivan

Website – www.encorecoachingservices.com

I’d like to extend a special offer to all business professionals in need of my services.  Buy a package of four coaching sessions and get $100 off regular price.

Mary T. OSullivan, MSOL
Founder, Rhode Island Coach Alliance
Encore Executive Coaching
PCC Candidate, UTD