The NK Blog Visits Wickford’s “Destination Marina” – Wickford Marina

It would seem only fitting that Rhode Island, the Ocean State, has a large number of marinas.  According to, roughly 153 marinas are listed.  There are 8 marinas listed in North Kingstown with 4 being located in the Wickford Village area.  Personally, as a long time resident of North Kingstown, I love the summer months in Wickford when all of the boats are in the harbor.  I marvel at all of the different styles and sizes as well as the creative, personalized touches boat owners come up with.  I have taken my sons for years to the town dock and read off the names of the boats and where they originate from.  The boating season brings Rhode Island, and especially North Kingstown, a lot of tourists who support our local merchants.

If you happen to be walking through Wilson Park on the trails leading back to the boat ramp, and get to the end of Flat Fish Alley (I’m not making that up, I just checked Google Maps), look to your right. Across the narrow strait of water is the Wickford Marina.  I was walking my dog back there last week and wondered which marina that was, not being a boat owner myself.  I looked up my location on Google Maps and found the Wickford Marina.  I also found that they were a member of the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, so I reached out to  Paul Galego, the owner of Wickford Marina.

Wickford Marina View


Paul, thanks for taking some time with the NK Blog.  What can you tell us about Wickford Marina?

Thanks.  Wickford Marina is a boutique marina located near the colonial village of Wickford and we are blessed with the best sunsets.  We are a ”destination marina” as opposed to a shipyard where people from near and far come where they can simply enjoy their boat in a spectacularly beautiful setting. Many of the most admired yacht clubs include Wickford Marina in their cruise plans year after year.

Where can we find you and your services online?

People can learn more about Wickford Marina at  Also, you can reach us at 401-294-8160.

I found you on Google Maps.  What if I were coming by boat to your marina?  How would I get there?

We have a directions page on our website page “Getting Here.”  Here is what you need to know by sea:

From Point Judith: Pass Beaver Tail Light to starboard, proceed generally northerly, go under the Jamestown Bridge. After passing the center of the Jamestown Bridge, proceed true north, for 3 miles passing Fox Island to Port, then turn west and continue to the breakwater opening. Remember that the breakwater is low and awash at very high tides so stay to the north of the old lighthouse base. After passing through the opening in the breakwater, Red Nun 8 will be directly ahead. Here, the channel splits right and left. Stay to the right in a NNW direction toward RN10. After passing RN10 to starboard, you will enter a 100 foot wide cut which is the entrance to Mill Cove. From that point, we are 500 feet directly ahead with the BLUE ROOF with CUPOLA ON TOP. The federal channel is 100′ wide by 12′ deep (+ or-) and the clearance from our docks to the other side of the channel is about 130 feet. We monitor Channel 10. Our transient dock is at the channel.

Wickford Marina Aerial

Paul, anything you would like to promote in the next few weeks?

The next big event will be fireworks on July 4th which are visible from our patio, followed by the Wickford Art Festival which is a mere five-minute walk from the marina.  Our marina is at 67 Esmond Ave which is off Fowler St and West Main St.  My “Getting Here” page has directions by land as well.

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