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Upon returning from a trip to the Grand Canyon some years back, I was asked by a friend “what was it like and did you take any photos?”  I replied “absolutely breathtaking and no.”  I think selfishly I just wanted to remember the interesting rock shapes, the haunting echoes when I yelled out “Hello”, and the sheer natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and I didn’t feel that any photo I took could capture those emotions.  Also, there were the elements – wind, shadows, blinding sunlight – that were ever changing and tend to cause amateur photographers (like myself) fits. Now, there are people I know who could capture all the beauty and wonder on film and make you smile or gasp at how amazing the Grand Canyon is.  My mother is one of them.  And, upon reviewing the work of local photographer Cindy Wilson, I would put her on that list as well.
The North Kingstown Blog, in its continuing series showcasing local businesses, is happy to meet Cindy Wilson of Cindy Wilson Photography.  Cindy is a member of the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce and recently (and expertly I might add) photographed their Lighthouse Cruise event this past June.  You can see this and much more on her website –
One item to note, check out the website listed for Profundo Journeys.  These journeys have taken groups to Italy, Vietnam, Ireland, even Cuba.  The photography on this website is unique to the area and just fantastic.  Here are some testimonials from her trip’s clients:

“This journey has been the most significant life experience since giving birth to my children.”

“Both of you, Cindy and Eileen, were so available and so encouraging. I just think you are superhuman – patient, kind and endlessly helpful.”

“Two excellent, professional photographers – what could be better.”

“Fantastic trip – more than I anticipated.”

“It was great to see culture through Grace’s passionate eyes.”

“Grace really knows her history and culture & was invaluable as a ‘native’.”

“I learned so much about vision and technical aspects of photography & my particular camera. The individual attention was superb.  Instructors were there when you needed them and let you explore at your own pace.”

Here is some additional information about Cindy Wilson Photography and where she will be exhibiting this summer:
Cindy Wilson Photography is a gallery workshop in the Lafayette Mill, specializing in local and travel fine art photography and offering classes in photography and photo software.
Instagram = CHWPHOTO
LinkedIn – Cindy Wilson
Pinterest – Cindywilsonpho
Twitter: @chwphoto
Spires of the Tyn Church
I will be at the following local events this summer
The Narragansett Art Festival Saturday & Sunday June 27 & 28, 2015 Booth #38 across from the post office
The Wickford Art Festival Saturday & Sunday July 11 & 12, 2015 Booth #235 at 14 Main St
I am excited to announce that Profundo Journeys Photography Workshops travels to the Czech Republic October 7-20, 2015.
Cindy Wilson Photography

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