The NK Blog Grants Wicked Fish “Cead Mile Falite”, A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

If you travel for work or with family, in just about any city in the US, you will find an Irish pub.  They are everywhere.  They have the Irish names like “Maguire’s” or “The Black Rose” or, as we once had in North Kingstown simply, “The Irish Pub.”  These Irish pubs feature similar styles in the mill work and bar fixtures and photos and certainly the Irish flag.  They carry all your favorite spirits and help you create a few after a pint or two.  They tend to be a lively joint where friends and family can unwind after a long day’s work or play.  What I have found to distance the authentic pubs from the “cookie cutter” bars is genuine Irish personality.  The Irish love family and friends and when you have a pub staff and ownership that has bought into this, to me you are an authentic Irish pub.

In our continuing series of blogs on North Kingstown businesses, I am happy to welcome fellow North Kingstown High School alum Garret Roberts and Wicked Fish/Kitty Murtagh’s to the NK Blog. It is especially gratifying to write about the success of a fellow NKHS alumni and I wish Garret and his staff all the best.  On the Wicked Fish’s Facebook page, you will get a strong sense of community involvement, as the restaurant has a wide range of musical acts and local sports celebrities that have stopped by the restaurant and Irish pub.  This blending of fish delicacies, sushi, and other New England traditional dishes with the Irish Sports Bar and Pub feel is generating a lot of buzz here in North Kingstown.  The feedback, as evident by their reviews, has been very positive and I like to see that local North Kingstown families really like the food, the decor, and the atmosphere there.  Certainly, Wicked Fish/Kitty Murtagh’s has genuine Irish personality.  Casey Roberts was kind enough to send me a brief description of their restaurants and what you might expect on the menu.  Cead Mile Falite to the NK Blog.

wicked fish restaurant

Stop by Wicked Fish for some of the best food in the state.  Let our Sushi Chef Nick make you our signature roll to start.  The Wicked Tuna Roll has spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, scallions topped with spicy mayo. One of Chef Jay Barraso’s many specialties is the Grilled Halibut. It is served with littlenecks, potatoes and asparagus in a creamy chowder with a red pepper relish.

I know that sounds delicious, but if that all sounds like too much, stop by Kitty Murtagh’s on your way home from work and have some Buck-a-shuck oysters, washed down with a pint of Guinness. Just like you would have in Ireland. Who knows, maybe you will try our Curried Shepherd’s Pie or even take on the Dagwood Sandwich (you have to see it to believe it).

wicked fish restaurant

Kitty’s is an ideal location for catching up with friends. Centrally located, just off the highway, Route 4, then off Route 102. Plenty of parking, casual attire, helpful staff, and always something going on! Relax and catch up over an afternoon tea and a piece of Sticky Toffee Bread Pudding. You may even end up staying for dinner!

Wicked Fish/Kitty Murtagh’s
20 South County Trail
NK 02852

401 295 5488

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