The NK Blog Welcomes Wickford Art Festival Sponsor – Providence Coal Fired Pizza

In our continuing series on local restaurant options for the 53rd Annual Wickford Art Festival, The NK Blog welcomes major sponsor Providence Coal Fired Pizza.  With one successful location already established in Providence (385 Westminster St.), Providence Coal Fired Pizza now has a place in North Kingstown.  They are located at the north end of North Kingstown, right next to Kingstown Bowl. Bowling and Pizza, what a team.  In speaking with Judy Salvadore, Wickford Art Festival Director, she mentioned that Providence Coal Fired Pizza was a great local sponsor and to thank Michael Santos for “all your help and support.”  Their website has their hours of operation as well as sample menus for both the Providence and North Kingstown locations.  Here is a little more information about Providence Coal Fired Pizza from Operating Partner, Michael Santos:
Great Food & Great Atmosphere – Why Coal Fired? Providence Coal Fired Pizza brings an “Old World” traditional baking technique to Rhode Island. Our custom-built ovens use anthracite coal that is clean-burning with a smokeless flame and low sulfur. Because at 900° it burns hotter than wood, coal-fired is a quick and efficient way to cook. The intensity of the heat ‘steams’ the highly saturated dough to produces a crust finish that is firm and crispy on the outside yet light and airy on the inside, locking in a variety of complex flavors and imparting a well-done texture to what may very well be the best pizza you have ever tasted. Our highly trained chefs are skilled in the use of our authentic coal-fired oven. By controlling the heat, air movement and timing, they create the perfect pizza crust with a charred, slightly blackened but not burnt distinction. Our pies must simply be savored to appreciate the unique culinary experience. In addition to our signature pizza, our coal baking method is used to fire up all of our menu entrees and dishes including wings, ribs, roasted vegetables, baked cheeses, and dessert. Our chicken wings are rendered with the skin crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and a grill-like flavor that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Our authentic coal-fired pizzas are just one element of our healthy “everything from scratch” menu. Providence Coal Fired Pizza believes in using fresh, local ingredients to create robust and remarkable dishes. Our mission is not just to satisfy your appetite, but to provide you with a great upscale casual atmosphere with the comfort foods you crave… all created from scratch.
6105 Post Rd North Kingstown RI

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