The MAE Organization for the Homeless Basics Drive Proving Charity Comes in Many Forms

Some of the richest men and women on Earth are charitable with a portion of their financial success.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation comes to mind, with initiatives in world health, poverty, and education.  The Clinton family has a foundation which deals with public health issues that affect not only Americans but the world population.  Major sports and entertainment figures have foundations, charities, and non-profits set up in their name to battle disease or drugs or educational challenges with troubled youth.  These individuals have the financial means to give money to support their charities of choice.

What if you have charity in your soul but do not have the financial means to give money to your charity of choice?  Charity comes in many forms.  An elementary student reading the newspaper to an elderly person who is blind is charity.  A group of local volunteers meeting on Thanksgiving morning to hand out food to the needy is charity.  A recovering addict who speaks at his/her local community center to teach kids about the perils of drugs is charity.  You do not have to be rich in your bank account to be charitable; simply you have to have a rich soul.

The MAE Organization for the Homeless is doing amazing charitable work in our community.  Their mottoIf you can help just ONE homeless person, YOU have done much!” was coined by founder Martinha Javid and sits atop their website  As an organization, the goal of the MAE Organization for the Homeless “is to impact the homeless by assisting /facilitating them in finding respite and enlightenment, a sense of self worth, forgiveness and understanding with the assurance of safety and no judgment, as well as, alleviation from depression and anxiety through creative and holistic approaches.”  On their website, you will see a number of services which aim to meet this mission – yoga, music, prayer, painting, visualization, journaling.  By lifting the spirits of these individuals, the MAE Organization is developing new skill sets in dealing with life’s challenges and helping the individual discover a life (and maybe the life of a loved one) worth living positively.

Two important events to mention about the MAE Organization for the Homeless.  One event is going on now until September 26th.  It is called “MAE Basics Drive.”  There is more information on their Facebook page – MAE Basics Drive.  In short, they are looking for donations in good working order like socks, backpacks, bus passes, and personal items.  There is a complete list of the basics they are looking for as well as drop off locations.  Here is a short video explaining the event:

Second, there is a Black Tie Gala being held Saturday, September 26th at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick.  For more information on this event, visit the official Facebook page for the MAE Organization for the Homeless here.  In Rhode Island, there are thousands of homeless people who need help.  If you help one, as Martinha would say, you have done much.



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