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If you have a child in Boy Scouts, like I do, you are familiar with the annual popcorn sale fundraiser.  It features a catalog of various popcorn treats and the proceeds goes to fund programming by my son’s local Boy Scout troop.  Popcorn selling is just one of many fundraising options available. The Boy Scouts, local PTA groups, youth sports leagues, and of course the Girl Scouts all have catalogs of candles, cookies, and other items that are handed out to teachers, uncles, grandmothers, and the old fashioned way – door to door.

In my latest blog article about local businesses, I am happy to welcome Richard Park of Right Response to the South County area. Richard and his family moved here recently from New York and Richard is a member of the Southern RI Chamber of Commerce.  Right Response’s tagline is “Responsible Fundraising.”  Their impressive catalog of first aid kits for home and business really caught my eye, so I invited Richard to tell me more about his fundraising options.  His no minimums, no contract up front, and 50% profit on items really caught my attention.  Here is a little more about Richard and his business, Right Response.

first aid kit

Richard, welcome to RI.

Thanks, my family and I moved here from NY, Queens to be exact, and now live in South Kingstown.  We are getting to know the businesses and the area and appreciate the opportunity to educate event planners and local organizations on Right Response fundraising options.

So, tell me about the company, Right Response and what your territory looks like.

Right Response is a Bend, Oregon based company.  My territory is RI, Eastern CT, and MA.  Right Response is a healthier, more practical solution to the current fundraising options available.  We have a wide range of first aid kits for home, college students, your business, to put in your car.  Even further options for things like camping and your golf bag.  We even have a first aid kit designed for pets. The items in our first aid kits are the same ones you would find at the American Red Cross and Department of Defense as we both share the same supplier; First Aid Only. The second largest First Aid Company in America next to Johnson and Johnson. We are also Ambassador Vendors for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

first aid kit

Thanks Richard.  So what types of groups would benefit from a fundraising option such as Right Response?

Honestly, I have a ton that come to mind but right off the top of my head – Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, PTO/PTA groups, youth sports leagues, traveling clubs, as well as charity events.  50% of the profits of sales generated goes to the organization.  That is an incredible profit stream for your fundraising event and there’s no MONEY upfront to run our programs as well as no contracts. So there’s no risk in signing up and the programs are incredibly simple to run. We offer comprehensive first aid kits that include life saving medicine, rain gear, even water that can last up to 5 years.  I feel that Right Response is a valuable fundraising tool for anyone interested in profiting the most from their sales and their team’s hard work in selling the products.

Do you provide any training tools for the fundraising groups?

Absolutely, we can go right on site to speak to a Boy Scout troop or town hall to meet with parents of the school system.  Our catalogs are easy to read and have a ton of great information on our various products.  We even offer a 5% cash back reward referral program, which again will generate addition revenue for your fundraising event.  Golf outings, 5K races, and team building events all benefit with having our products in their vendor bag to give out to participants.  And I can show you how to make the most of your program with other great Right Response programs.

first aid kit

Any success stories that you can mention here in Southern RI that used Right Response as a fundraising option?

The Chariho Little League raised a little more than $3000 for their Little League in just about 3 weeks time this past spring. They sold over $6000 worth of kits with some players exceeding $500 in sales themselves.

Great, thanks Richard and welcome to our area.  Where can interested parties reach you about Right Response?

Thanks again and hope this helps.

Richard Park

Assistant Director – East Coast Team

Right Response

Cell – 917 687 8474

Email –

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  1. For all those times WE searched our cars for a crumpled, dried out ice pack, this product is a GIFT we hope to never have to use, but there waiting for when we need it.

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