Christina Holmes – From NJ to Narragansett to Narada, A Musical Journey of Peace, Love, and C. Holmes

There is just something cool and summer about hearing an acoustic guitar with an island beat and “live life to the fullest” type lyrics.  When I hear that smooth, beachy type rhythm, it makes me think of summers in Rhode Island, no matter where I am or what season it is.  Reggae and calypso inspired themes have transcended into popular music and have made stars out of musicians such as Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, just to name a few.  The guitar play is fun and the chords are familiar enough that even a beginner like me can jam out and get people dancing.

I was introduced to Christina Holmes by my assistant, Melissa, who happened to catch Christina locally.  She mentioned that the music was “energetic, had an island beat.  It was fun and beachy and that Christina was really cool.”  Being a huge fan of that type of music and always interested in learning about new acts, I reached out to Christina.  You can find out more about Christina Holmes on her website –  Her website includes a more in depth bio, gallery of photos, and music to download.  Also, you can check out her inspiration for her debut album, “Peace, Love, & C. Holmes” which is available on Tarpan Records for digital download.  Here is more from the artist, Christina Holmes:

christina holmesHi Christina, it is nice to meet you.  So how long have you been touring?

I’ve been touring for the past 7 years all over the country and continue to tour.

Are you originally from RI?  If not, what is your local connection to RI?

I started working at Smoothy Booty when I moved to Narragansett in ’08.  Nope, I actually grew up in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. I don’t work there anymore but pick up shifts from now and then. I was never confident enough to sing in public when I first started working there. When I was making smoothies I would start singing while the blender was on thinking no one could hear me but they always could. Ruth Anderson and Bart Shumaker are the owners of the Booty and have always supported me! They are like family!

So, since you are an expert at smoothies, do you want to give Smoothy Booty a plug?

Absolutely.  The “Booty” offers fresh fruit smoothies, organic juices, and an array of other foods! They also own the store right next door which is called Zocalo where they sell various items from around the world!  They are on Robinson St., which is right off of Main St. in Wakefield.  They have a good size deck and all of my fans should definitely check them out and support them.

I hope you will join me and learn more about Christina Holmes.  And if you are at the beach, relaxing by your pool, or just need a pick-me-up when the weather is less than perfect let Christina Holmes put you in that righteous, beachy type of mood.  Best wishes on your debut album, “Peace, Love & C. Holmes.”



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