The I.C.E. Agency is now The North Kingstown Marketing Company

The I.C.E. Agency, the parent company of the North Kingstown Blog, is making a name change.  The I.C.E. Agency, which stands for Internet Marketing, Content Writing, and Ebay sales was formed to provide local businesses with an opportunity to get their business, brand, or talent noticed online.  By using a comprehensive strategy which implements social media marketing, quality writing and storytelling, as well as e-commerce, the business gets maximum exposure in the busy world of the internet.  These principles remain the focus of my efforts for the North Kingstown Marketing Company.

With the help of Aggie Barnes of A.Barnes Creative, the North Kingstown Blog (NK Blog) has a new and fresh look that makes the blog easy to read and get to the positive stories we all want to read.  It has achieved great success in promoting local businesses, events, and happenings.  My community pride is growing daily and I look forward to reporting on the positive news that North Kingstown has to offer.  This is why I feel so strongly about adding the name, North Kingstown, to my company.  North Kingstown is who I am, it is who I enjoy being around and talking to.  Whether you are new to the town or have lived here all your life, North Kingstown is a respectable community that has a lot to offer.  And, I feel that the beauty and charm of North Kingstown lives with you, whether you stay here and raise a family or move to another state and begin a career or serve our country in a foreign land.  The North Kingstown I know is warm and friendly and charitable. This is why the North Kingstown Blog is so important for me.  Everyone knows a good story or can recommend a business or has a charity to promote.  I want to tell those stories to anyone who will listen, or read in this case.

Thank you for supporting the North Kingstown Blog.  Now being run and managed, locally, by The North Kingstown Marketing Company.

Noel P. Roby


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