A. Barnes Creative – Focusing on Creating Great Looking Graphics for Small Businesses

aggie barnes
I have the utmost respect for musicians, carpenters, and artists.  They can take a vision or a concept and make something incredible for all to see, hear, and experience.   In the world of website design, graphic artists use images and text to create beautiful logos, websites, and marketing materials for all of the world to see, especially the business world.  A well designed logo and website can separate you from your competition and show the world that you mean business and you want the world to shop at your business.   A skilled graphic artist can take your basic and static logo and create something amazing.  I am lucky to work with such a graphic artist.
aggie barnes
Aggie Barnes of A. Barnes Creative is a local home based business right here in North Kingstown.  She also happens to be the website designer for the North Kingstown Blog.  Aggie has done an incredible job with this site and I couldn’t be happier with its look and design.  In addition to the North Kingstown Blog and her work at the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, Aggie has an impressive resume of logo design, website creation, and marketing materials.  A. Barnes Creative’s focus is on creating professional, great looking graphics and websites for small-businesses.  “I particularly enjoy working with small, local companies and businesses,” Aggie states “which enables me to get to know specific needs and wants.” Her services and products provided at A. Barnes Creative include:
  • Website design, implementation & maintenance
  • Graphic design: logos, web graphics, brand design, business cards, print ads, flyers, brochures, newsletters
  • Other promotional materials and design upon request

aggie barnes

For more information on A. Barnes Creative and how they can benefit your business, visit their website at www.abarnescreative.com.

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