Steve Smith and the Nakeds To Perform at the Narragansett Seafood Festival

Being musically gifted is one thing.  Being entertaining in your living room with your family cheering you on is one thing.  Being musically gifted and able to entertain a large crowd is a combination that many attempt but few can pull off.  Musicians can be socially awkward and misunderstood. And in front of a crowded arena or nightclub, this may drive a wedge between the musician and the crowd.  A crowd, especially a paying crowd, want to be entertained not only by the music but also by the musician(s).  This is often the role of the front man and most often the lead singer in a group performing.  Where would Van Halen be without David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?  How about Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant?  I recently saw the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl was immensely musically talented and entertaining.  Many bands rely on their front man to excite the crowd, get them dancing or clapping to the beat, to get the crowd to feel like they are a part of the show.  Locally, no other band that I have seen play live has a frontman like Steve Smith.
steve smith and the nakeds
I have seen Steve Smith and the Nakeds for the past 20 years here in Rhode Island.  I have seen them play at the Narragansett Cafe, the Ocean Mist, outdoors at festivals, just to name a few.  There is no word energetic enough to describe how energetic Steve Smith is on stage.  The man has boundless enthusiasm for making people laugh, dance, sing, scream, you name it.  It makes going to a Steve Smith and the Nakeds show so entertaining.  And the music is sensational.  I love horns – sax, trombone, trumpets – they just give that extra push to get you out of your chair and onto to the dance floor.  This band is full of seasoned musicians and the music is crisp and lively.  They play the covers of songs from the greatest rock and roll artists of the past 40 years of music.  A 2013 Rhode Island Music Hall of Fall Inductee, Steve Smith and the Nakeds is RI  music royalty.  Concert dates and other information can be found on their Facebook page – Steve Smith and the Nakeds – and the band’s official website   Here is the band’s current lineup:
Steve Smith, lead vocals
Ed Vallee, guitar/vocals
Frank Rapone, keyboards/vocals
Steven “The Kid” DeCurtis, trumpet
Jaime Rodrigues, baritone sax
Josh Kane, trombone
Bob “Guido” DeCurtis, tenor sax
Mark Legault, alto sax
Mike Marra, bass guitar/vocals
Joe Groves, drums & percussion
Marty Sherlock, sound engineer
steve smith and the nakeds
This week Steve Smith and the Nakeds will be performing Friday, July 24th at the Atrium Lounge at Foxwoods Casino from 9:30 pm – 1:30 am.  Saturday, July 25th, they will be performing at the Narragansett Lions Club Annual Seafood Festival on the pier at Narragansett Beach from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.  Get ready to be entertained by Steve Smith and the Nakeds.


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