The B-52’s Foreshadows Online Dating Craze in 1983 Hit Song

I have been a fan of 1980’s music since, well the 1980’s.  The 1980’s was a transitional decade in music from the rock and roll 1960’s to the disco heavy 1970’s.  1980’s music was as diverse as any musical decade I can recall.  Bands were expressing themselves in ways that were truly never accepted in earlier decades.  As a result, an entirely new wave of musicians emerged that included clever songwriters, synthesizers galore, and the artists themselves expressing their personal choices more freely than ever.  The “Are You Going To San Francisco” 1960’s world of the long haired hippee woman was now the “I’ll Tumble For Ya” world sung by a long haired man with makeup named Boy George. And the station I listened to most in the 1980’s was local Providence radio station 95.5, WBRU.

One of my favorite bands of the 1980’s era is the B-52’s.  They produced some of the most entertaining tracks filled with pepping rhythms, intellectually stimulated lyrics, and fantastic vocals – sung by lead singers Fred Schneider, Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson.  What I didn’t realize was how one song produced in 1983 would have such resonance some 30 years later.  I was listening to XM Radio on my way to work when the B-52’s hit “Song for a Future Generation” came on.  This song was way ahead of its time in my opinion and could possibly be the blueprint for online dating sites.  Online dating sites provide the modern, busy professional man or woman the opportunity to search for a suitable mate, without having to leave their home, office, or apartment.  If you have ever signed up for one of these sites, which I have, you are asked to self-promote yourself and find the ultimate match to meet, greet, and potentially have a family.  Here are some of the lyrics of the song:

“Hey, I’m Fred the Cancerian from New Jersey
I like collecting records and exploring the cave of the unknown”

“Hey, I’m Kate and I am a Taurus
I love tomatoes and black-capped Chickadees”

“Wanna be the daughter of Dracula
Wanna be the son of Frankenstein
Let’s meet and have a baby now!”

Judge for yourself but I feel that the B-52’s were definitely onto something with this song.  I have included the YouTube video link to the song for your listening enjoyment.  Great song, great band, great decade of music.


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