Ebay Workshop at the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce – Start with a Great Title

At my recent ebay workshop at the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, I discussed some of the successful strategies that have worked for me.

I have been selling on ebay for about 10 years and was honored to speak to a group of ebay sellers who wanted to learn more about the basics of ebay.  Creating a sales buzz for your ebay listing starts with a great title.  The title of your listing begins to tell the story of your product and should grab the attention of your potential buyer.  Here are some tips on writing a great title for your product on ebay.

1.  There are 80 characters available to use.  Use as many as possible.  Don’t feel like you need to be short and quick.   The more words you put in the title that relate to your product and describe your product, the better it will be in terms of search-ability.

Here is an example of a title that is too short and will most likely not rank high in search engines or on the search function on ebay.

Used Basketball Shoes

Now, here is an example of a title that uses up to 80 characters and will most likely work very well in search engines and on the search function on ebay.

Used Nike Size 10 Mens Basketball Shoe Sporting Goods Chris Paul CP3 VII Infared

Descriptive titles sell on eBay...learn more at the eBay Workshop.

2.  Be descriptive.  Use some industry terminology.  Use a model number if available. Mix in some general industry terminology.  Writing an effective title that includes only industry terminology will only attract customers who know as much or more than you do about your product.  Don’t limit your audience by confusing industry terminology.  Think of a friend or family member who is not familiar with your industry or product, and think about how that person would search for your product online.

Here is an example of a confusing title for someone not familiar with items in the fitness industry:

Used Cybex 900T 3.0HP Single Phase 115V/120V 15amp Treadmill

Now, here is an example of a title that might be easier for a wide range of viewers to understand: 

Used Cybex 900T Treadmill Walking Running Exercise Fitness Motorized

Used Nike basketball shoes

3.  Don’t waste space on punctuation or numbers.  You want to use words to fill up those 80 characters so leave out commas, apostrophes, and semi-colons.

For more tips on writing an effective title for your ebay listing, contact me via the submission form on this site or call my office at 401-583-7171.  I have been an ebay Powerseller for close to 10 years and have extensive knowledge of what works and what sells on ebay.

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