Stephen J. Kareemo Plaque on the Quonset Bike Path

I have really enjoyed the Quonset Bike Path over the past few years.  At the end of the Quonset Bike Path, there is a turnaround.  In the turnaround is a plaque that has the name Stephen J. Kareemo.


Quonset Bike Path, North Kingstown, RI


I reached out to a few representatives from the Town of North Kingstown, which led me to a newsletter from the Quonset Development Corporation or QDC some  time back.  The newsletter mentioned the honoree’s family, notably brother David Kareemo.  I was able to contact David and he provided me with the following quote about the plaque.  Here is David Kareemo’s quote:

“Several years ago, it was announced that a bike path would be installed at Quonset and go all the way to our North Kingstown neighborhood called Mount View.  As my family and I walk this new bike path, we enjoy the peacefulness and beauty along the ocean on a daily basis.  My sister Joy and I thought this path would be a beautiful area to display a memorial in honor of our late brother, Stephen, who passed away in August of 2000 due to complications from the AIDS virus.  We teamed up with the QDC who were very helpful and supportive with our request.  The installation of the 12 X 16 inch granite slab, which was placed in the ground, was donated by Fleet Construction.  The engraving honors Stephen J. Kareemo and includes his birthday and the day he passed.  While my children and parents visit the bike path, they enjoy the opportunity to think about their uncle and son.  As compared to a grave site, this memorial is more of a joyous occasion as we look forward to seeing its beauty and remembering him.”

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