My Unsolicited Advice for Tiger Woods, One of the Greatest Athletes of My Generation

Tiger Woods has captivated audiences with his masterful golf play since he broke onto the PGA tour in the mid 1990’s.  Woods won golf’s majors with ease for a little over a decade.  He played in celebrity Pro-Ams (professional and amateur events geared toward celebrities) as well as Ryder Cup and other tour events and won those as well.  He reached the highest levels of stardom and celebrity during the height of his career.  Star like status that entertainers and movie stars can only dream about.  But since roughly the fall of 2009, due to personal problems and then physical problems, Tiger Woods just seems to be moving in the wrong direction.  The number one player in the world for approximately 550 weeks from 1999 – 2010, Woods currently sits at World Ranking number 286.

tiger woods


So, here is my unsolicited advice to Tiger Woods, from a fan of his from the first tournament I saw him play in, the 1997 Masters Tournament.  Spend a year being a celebrity golfer.  Play in all of those tournaments you may have turned down over the years because of your celebrity. Travel to the small town courses where golf is played and cherished by active older adults, kids, and busy professionals just trying to relieve some stress in life.  Get involved with local organizations who will organize a round of golf with you for charity – money for a homeless shelter, or to combat childhood obesity, or making a wish come true for a sick child.  Can you imagine the type of good your presence could make in the success of a fundraiser for a local organization?  I think it would be incredible. Come and play a round in a small town like North Kingstown, RI, where larger PGA tournaments do not exist.  I know you still love the game of golf and somewhere, somehow you have the ability to compete.  But you are a living legend and your impact as one of the most recognizable athletes in the world to a local community would be tremendous.

tiger woodsDespite the personal issues, the tabloid and media criticism of your choices in life, you still remain a polarizing figure in the world of sports and entertainment.  Your skill as a golfer, in my opinion, still exists.  Your celebrity status and legendary draw, in my opinion, is evident by the type of media coverage you get for not placing anywhere near the leader board in tournaments.  You can use your celebrity to make a lot of people very happy and maybe in some way, it will turn your golf game around.  Whatever you decide to do, I’ll be watching you compete until you retire from professional golf.

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