Pilates Stance Grand Re-Opening Ceremony this Thursday in North Kingstown

I recently caught up with Maria Mormile from Pilates Stance at The Hive for a blogging seminar.  Maria mentioned a pending move from her location in Wickford to another studio location just outside of Wickford Village.  Here is a bit more from our conversation:

So Maria, tell me about the new location.  Are there any changes in your hours of operation?
Thanks, the new address is 901 Boston Neck Rd. 2nd floor, North Kingstown.  We are available 7 Days a week!  Here is a list of our hours of operation:
Mon – Fri classes start 6:00 am to 6:30 pm
Sat classes start 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
Sun group classes at 9:00. 9:30 and 10 am
Of course, our clients and potential visitors can always refer to the website www.pilatesstance.com for the schedule.

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So you know from previous articles that I am a landmark driver.  Can you help me out with exactly where the new studio is?
Sure, it is above Hamilton Auto Sales, across from Hamilton Elementary School, on Boston Neck Rd. conveniently in-between Wickford and the 138 on-ramp to Newport or Route 4 !
Great, now what is new and exciting about the new location that you’d like to tell everyone.

We have ordered and received new equipment (a tower) and we have literally triple the space from our original studio in Wickford!  I used to have to share a bathroom and go outside to get there and now…. we have our own private bathroom for the sole use of the studio!  Clients can change in comfort here instead of at work!  We at Pilates Stance value your time and feel that the new space has a lot to offer.

Are there any programs that will carry over from the Wickford studio?
Yes, we will still offer private 55 minute equipment lessons on the reformer, wunda chair and tower.

pilates stanceI did want to mention that we are now offering duet reformer classes at just $25 per class for those who are already familiar with Pilates or have taken four private lessons.
And we now offer over 50 group classes a week!  Here is a list of some of the classes we offer:

  • 55 min mat class
  • 30 min power abs
  • 30 min barre/stretch class
  • Seniors classes, 30 min for those 62 and over
  • Juniors classes for girls 11-17

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How about membership programs?  Do you offer any memberships as opposed to the per class rates?

Yes, we offer four monthly membership options starting at $45 a month.  Memberships includes your first four classes for your type of membership and allows you to receive member prices for all types of classes.

  • $45 Group Class membership = includes 4 group classes 30 and/or 55 minuntes
  • $100 Duet Equipment Membership = includes 4 duet classes
  • $180 Private 55 minute Membership = includes 4 private 55 minute lessons
  • $380 Exclusive Membership = includes 10 classes of any kind (good for those taking 2 private lessons per week)

Non-commitment is also available by dropping into any group class, reserving a spot for a duet lesson or scheduling a private lesson at non-member rates!

So for people interested in looking better, feeling better, etc. but not sure what exactly Pilates is, can you give us a quick definition?
Sure, I would say refer to my website in the about section to get info about what Pilates is!  Briefly stated Pilates is low impact exercises, it stabilizes the spine, increases abdominal strength, and improves posture, breathing, and flexibility.  Pilates and yoga are similar in that they both require a strong mind body connection and emphasize breathing, but they differ in that there is no meditation or chanting in Pilates, it is about strength training.  Pretty incredible form of exercise if you ask me.  Here is the link to learn more: http://www.pilatesstance.com/about-pilates-1/

I read in the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce‘s newsletter that you will be having a ribbon cutting this Thursday.  What can you tell me about this?

Yes, please join me for the Re-Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce this Thursday Aug. 27th at 5:30 pm at my new studio located at 901 Boston Neck Rd. The short ceremony will be followed by two FREE 30 minute mat classes as a thank you to all my amazing clients and to show newcomers what we’re all about!  Stop by if you are in the area and want to learn more about Pilates.
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