This summer on the North Kingstown blog we focused on promoting businesses, local events, and creative people.  I had the pleasure of interviewing amazing artists such as Haley Nanning and young musicians such as Christina Holmes as well as interesting businesses like Print World and Tony C’s.  It was a great summer in North Kingstown for weather, festivals, and family activities. Thank you to everyone who contributed their story to the North Kingstown Blog.

Haley Nanning...her product is art.

For the month of September, the North Kingstown Blog is asking you to send me a product that you sell, endorse, created that you would like to tell everyone about.  It could be a recording demo that you plan on sending into a major record label.  It could be a staple product at your jewelry store, the one product that says “Oh yeah, they sell that at JW Graham.”  It can be a patent pending invention that you truly have put your heart and soul into.   If you have a passion about your product, I want to hear from you.

Hiding behind vinyl is the product here.

Here is what you need to do:

  1.  Send me a message through the submission form on the home page of the North Kingstown Blog with your email address or phone number so I can contact you.
  2. I will send you a template email with what I am looking for.
  3. Gather some photos of the item, 3 to 4 photos that I can pick from for the article.
  4. I can post video to the article so if you have a video, send me the video link.
  5. If you are sending in music, feel free to send me a music file.

Submissions are reviewed by the editing staff at the North Kingstown Blog.   My articles are shared with all of my social media contacts as well as other local media contacts, the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, and others.  There is no charge to promote your product.  Limit 2 products per business, please.