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As part of our September Product Series focusing on the great products we have to offer here in North Kingstown, here is Bravo Wood Fired Pizza‘s Gregg O’Neil with a couple of delicious items for late summer:
Bravo Wood Fired Pizza--September Product Series Corn at Bravo Wood Fired Pizza-September Product Series Fresh veggies at Bravo Wood Fired Pizza-September Product Series
We are featuring a very popular special pizza right now with locally grown sweet corn, locally made smoked fresh mozzarella and locally grown fire roasted red onion or jalapenos. We started offering this pizza a few years ago at local farmers markets and it has become very popular at these markets and at the restaurant.
Caprese Salad at Bravo Wood Fired Pizza-September Product Series
We also are featuring our Caprese Salad with local cherry tomatoes, locally made fresh mozzarella and house made basil vinaigrette. We only offer this salad for about 2 months because the tomatoes come from a farm in Scituate, RI and when the crop runs out we take it off the menu.
Thank you so much for your support.
Gregg and Jen
Bravo Wood Fired Pizza Restaurant and Catering
6689 Post Road
North Kingstown, RI
(401) 398-2500
(401) 255-6529 Catering

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