Whiteboard Videos Tell Your Story With Flair, Music, and Get Results

A whiteboard animated video is a creative means of marketing that is highly effective.  Whiteboard videos are used to describe and educate and grab the attention of the viewer.  Whiteboard videos include text, animation, sometimes movement, sometimes music.  Their messages are very similar to print ads or commercials on the internet or TV.  Most of these videos are short in length and are aimed at grabbing your attention and then directing you to a call to action – an email address, a website, a sale.    In the videos, you can lay out text and imagery similar to a static advertisement, except in a whiteboard video, the imagery and text come alive.


I have created whiteboard videos for local business events


To promote local events

To raise awareness for local charity organizations

These whiteboard videos are informative and engaging, which helps get the message of your business or your brand or your charity delivered effectively.  For more information on these whiteboard videos or to see other samples or to get rates on whiteboard videos such as the samples in this blog, contact the North Kingstown Marketing Company at 401-583-7171 or email me at thenkblog@gmail.com.

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